Birthday scratch cards

For the 6th birthday of gradient yarn - The Modal Manufactory is celebrating with great prizes!

Every molly that is ordered between February 22nd, 2024 and March 28th, 2024 and has at least 800m will receive 1 ruble field on the banderole! At least 1 star is hidden! There can be up to 3! Chance decides! I don't know how many stars ⭐️ are on the banderoles!

Collect the banderoles with the scratched-off stars and redeem them by December 31, 2024 at the latest!

I will take care of shipping in Germany! Other countries pro rata!

You can find an overview of the winnings here:

Did you win something? Send me an email or Whatsapp message!

I wish you lots of joy and happiness!

Your Anja

Conditions: non-transferable.

Redeemable until December 31, 2024.

A photo of the stars is required. No withdrawal possible! No combination with other promotions permitted!

*We discuss together what is possible and what you like!