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Temperature blanket set


46% Modal, 40% Polyacrylic, 14% Polyamide

What is a temperature blanket?
With a temperature blanket, you crochet a row every day in the color of the day! The color is determined based on the respective daytime temperature.
What temperature do I use and where can I find it?
You decide for yourself which temperature you want to use. It would be important to always use the same time or an average. As a rule, you take lunch as it is early and is always colder and the temperature rises during the day.
If you want to work on a blanket retroactively (for example, your child's year of birth or your own, etc.), you can usually find old data very easily in Google!
Was everything included in this set?
Of course, you will receive the wool you want, as well as a card with all the colors so that you always have an overview. You decide for yourself whether you want to take my suggestion of the degree distribution or whether you prefer to choose your own distribution!

10x 500m
1x card with the colors
Thread count
Color scheme

Weight and price overview

per 100m 3-ply 2.30 EUR corresponds to 21 g

per 100m 4-ply 3.10 EUR corresponds to 28 g

per 100m 5ply 3.90 EUR corresponds to 35 g

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Lieferzeit 45-60 Werktage. Einzelne Mollys werden sofort gedreht!

The individual color sections are connected with small Frankfurt knots.

Care instructions

The finished work can be washed at up to 60° and can even be tumble dried!