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Mystery box


46% Modal, 40% Polyacrylic, 14% Polyamide

Do you actually like everything but can't decide? Would you like to be surprised? Would you like to make yourself or someone else happy?

A great surprise box awaits you with a unique gradient just for you!

Of course you can exclude colors! But not too many! ☺️

IMPORTANT : 🚨 If you choose an additional yarn, write to me if it cannot be AN ANIMAL !

Of course you don't know which colors are used!

The Molly comes in a locked box, only the beginning is visible! Work out of the box and be surprised at what progression emerges!

If you are very curious, you can of course open it!

What you create from it is up to you 😊

  • Composition: 46% Modal, 40% Polyacrylic, 14% Polyamide

Isn't the correct length included? Please write to me or call me!

The colors change with individual small knots that are not noticeable in the finished work. You can work the mollies from the inside and the outside (not when wrapping the cloth/blanket! Here you MUST work from the inside!).

The finished project can be washed at up to 60°C and can even be tumble dried!

Thread count
Length in meters

Weight and price overview

per 100m 3-ply 2.30 EUR corresponds to 21 g

per 100m 4-ply 3.10 EUR corresponds to 28 g

per 100m 5ply 3.90 EUR corresponds to 35 g

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Lieferzeit 45-60 Werktage. Einzelne Mollys werden sofort gedreht!

The individual color sections are connected with small Frankfurt knots.

Care instructions

The finished work can be washed at up to 60° and can even be tumble dried!